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FYI: sellers and buyers should be aware; TIME to Buy and Sell is now!

I’m not sure if you had heard but OSFI was contemplating adding a new stress test to uninsured mortgages… well, they did it. Effective Jan 1, 2018, all uninsured mortgage loans will need to qualify at 2% above the contract rate.

If you are sitting on the fence, now may be a good time to buy and sell! Are you ready to make a move?

The implementation of this new “stress test” will have a significant impact on a buyer’s budget.

For example, Today’s buyer with 20% down payment earning $150K per year will qualify for $750K in mortgage money at 3.14% interest.

As of Jan 1, in that scenario you will qualify for $610K. Overnight, you will “lose” $140K out of your home buying budget.

Here's a link to the OSFI new release.

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