Articles-One step at a time..

There are times when the whole world seems like a to-do list. Take out the garbage. Finish that homework. Study for the test. Read the book for a report. Practice that musical instrument. Run so you are conditioned for the game. Do some volunteer work. Shop for shoes for the dance. Clean your cupboards, redecorate the den, redo all the bedding....

One step at a time..

Learn to decide what is most important, and focus on that first. Arrange your to-do list in order of importance. Sometimes it's best to put off till tomorrow so you can manage today.

Often you might feel there is so much to do, you get nothing done, because you simply don't know where to start! Kids are back to school. New routines are set! When it comes to your home, take one room on at a time. There are twelve months in the year. Each month conquer one room and by next year you will look back and see all that you have accomplished. Set reasonable goals and make this year, part of your journey to reaching your new set of goals.