Articles-Your true colours

Whether or not we realize it, we are all affected emotionally by the colours that surround us. In our home, the colours that we choose reflect our personality and our feelings at that time. Colours also influence our guests and the other family members in our home.


Red stimulates our nervous system and increases assertiveness. Reds make us feel empowered and energetic. They are great for areas where physical activity is happening, like a workout room. Red seen in the aura indicates passion, courage, enthusiasm, and excitement.


Yellows are bright and cheery

Orange is also stimulating. Red and orange also increase the appetite. This is why these colors are so popular in restaurants and especially fast food restaurants. When these colours are present, not only are you hungry and want to eat a lot, but your nervous system is also stimulated so that you want to get out of there quickly. Orange is a great colour for a dining room as it helps people loosen up and laugh more. Around orange, people are usually more gregarious, this perhaps is why designers for the Oprah Winfrey talk show picked orange and color as the dominating theme for the set on Oprah's show. In an orange dining room, dinner parties will last longer and seem more interesting. Orange seen in the aura indicates energy, optimism, and positive thoughts.


Pinks offer a sense of well being and make people feel affectionate and positive toward others. Pink was once the staple of little girls bedrooms, but new shades of rose, mauve and blush have become popular choices in carpets, furniture and social areas like living rooms. A light shade of pink can be used as a neutral background much like a gray. Pink seen in the aura indicates friendship, affection, devotion, and tenderness.


Yellows remind us of the sun. They make a dark room appear to be bright and cheery. Yellow can visually expand the space in a small room, but pale yellow should be used in a small room or it can be overpowering. Yellow is terrific to brighten up a bedroom or a living room, especially when combined with royal blue. Yellow seen in the aura indicates luck, intelligence, and academic achievement.

Greens are symbolic of gardens, meadows and forests.


Greens are symbolic of gardens, meadows and forests. Recycling and reusable greatness! When we are surrounded by green, we feel calm, refreshed and at peace. Green is great for bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas where tranquility is desired. Green brings nature indoors, no matter where you live. It is also very helpful in cooling down a room that receives a lot of hot sunny weather. Green seen in the aura indicates money, prosperity, abundance, and a love of nature. Light Green indicates health, new beginnings, and youthfulness.


Blue is the most popular colour of choice by most people. It symbolizes relaxation, serenity and a deep peace. Blue in the home can be used to psychologically cool a home in a warm climate and combined with contrasts of yellow or gold, blue can brighten a home and its occupant's moods almost instantly. Blue seen in the aura indicates peace, calmness, communication, and intuition. Light Blue indicates spiritual and psychic development, and compassion.

If a picture could paint a thousand words, just imagine how paint could colour your world! Express your thought and personality and let your environment come alive! Don't compromise with colour. Gaining an understanding of your own intuitive response to colour is a great way to becoming more self assured. As an element of form, colour has strong influence, can arouse a greater appreciation, and will stimulate more thoughts and feeling than any other visual aspect. Colour is a device used within a comfortable or exciting ambience to influence mood. Strike up your bands of colour- explore strokes of genius and make this Season more than palatable!

We will talk more soon! What is your favourite colour? Do you know why? Walk the walk, talk the talk. Show your true colours.