Planned Colourhood

Planned Colourhood is the only safe way

Let's talk! Are you having a colourful day? I sure hope so.

Don't let a moment pass without colouring your world! Refreshing splashes of invigorating brights punctuate classic, versatile neutrals, as designers offer a playful fashionable palette in your home, for endless exploration and creative combinations. Variations on popular colours such as energizing red, cool, waterborne blue, and eco-friendly greens, also play a key role this season. Healthy colours for a vigorous life, and calming lifestyle is this Season's simple advice- a certain colourful conclusion.

Jaclyn Solomon, creative energist, designer, realtor, faux finisher, and writer, suggests that "PLANNED COLOURHOOD", is the only safe way! Colours influence our lives and our feelings. They cheer us up, or calm us down, and they give us important signals and information so that we can assess things in everyday life correctly. Hear the voice of colour. Listen with your eyes and heart! You can bring your space alive and make it very well indeed with colourful conclusions.

Here's looking at hue baby!
Green Jackie Orange Jackie Red Jackie

Jaclyn Solomon