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Anyone doing a home renovation project today wants to avoid yesterday's fashion. Try to be on top of tomorrow's fashion and pay attention to detail!

Paint colours: Yesterday: neutrals like ecru, Today: bold like chocolate, Tomorrow: chameleons.

We used to be afraid of the bold use of colour. Not any more. Yesterday's neutrals have given way to an intense palette. The success of one saturated colour, chocolate brown, has found new comfort in the home, clothing and automotive detail. Chameleon colours will soon dominate. These are paints that, because several different colour tones are mixed in, take on a different tone at various light levels. For example, in low evening light it might look more pearly or luminescent than it would with bright morning sunlight streaming through the windows. I am personally fond of faux finishes incorporating reflective metallic light chips. Burnished bronzes, coy coppers, brushed up against persimmons and passionate purples all set the tone for falling into this FALL SEASON with fashion and flair! The change of season, the change of colour, and the chameleon choice is creatively the current concept catching the new wave of design.

Wood floors: Yesterday: red oak, Today: white oak, Tomorrow: bamboo?

Quarter-sawn, clear finish, white oak is the flooring of choice, but another wood is gaining. Today, and lots of premier architects are picking up on is, Brazilian cherry, also called Jatoba, for upscale floors. The future, however, of wood flooring might not even include wood. Emphasis on environmental issues will help make bamboo floors a choice of many homeowners, or concrete finishes ground, naturally stained, and epoxy coated have the ease of care, flair, and fun fair! Ground concrete stained with natural coffee grinds evokes tasteful design and is environmentally sensation.

Appliances: Yesterday: trash compactor, Today: wine cooler, Tomorrow: cheese cooler?

One of the appliances greatly in demand several years ago – the trash compactor – has fallen out of favor. Taking its place as the hot kitchen installation is the wine cooler. Artisan cheeses have gained hugely in popularity but many have specific humidity and temperature requirements rarely found in the old Amana. The cheese cooler, still very much on the drawing board, would provide different levels of care, enabling owners to keep cheese longer and have it taste better when you serve it. That's a fashion statement you can really sink your teeth into.

Mix and Match

It's not all matchy matchy...step outside the match-box and think……if you coordinate it, it will go! Use a chaise. It's a nice alternative to a sofa sometimes... A chaise-lounge is comfortable, inviting and visibly a welcome variety! If you have a large room, it's nice to break up the furniture a little bit into different areas... A nice mix of modern and traditional furniture is also very functional.Black is so 90's and I for one am tired of black. Why go for basic? When it comes to home furnishings, think colour! Not gaudy, obnoxious colours that hurt your eyes when you look at it, but vibrant, sunny colours that are used cohesively. The intensity of the wall colours, should be offset with the softer, more neutral colours of the furnishings.

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