Articles-Think Pink! Get in to PINK!

So you have the perfect 50's style house with Pink Tiles. Try regrouting in a darkershade and embrace the pink. Get some old 50's magazines and find that old fashioned womanly touch and TADA. From the outside in, it does not hurt to see with a rose coloured tint in your lights! See the warmth. Feel its inspiration.

Your wonderful retro renovation swings into pink pizzazz perfectly!

Consider adorning your dining room sideboard with pink mini lights for soft and complexion-enhancing light. Fill a couple of large glass vases with light sets and place themon a buffet or side table. Wrap an indoor palm or ficus to create a glowing architectural accent. Use Pink light strings to decorate a birthday party Create a princess wonderland for a girl's birthday party with pink mini lights draped around the dining room ceiling, around the gift table, and around the cake table. Intertwine them with white tulle for a special touch around the birthday girls' chair at the table. She'll feel like a princess all day long and the party will create memories she won't soon forget. Use thumbtacks to create the birthday girl's name in an outline of pink mini lights on a backyard fence.Pink Light. A girl's bedroom is the perfect place to light up with pink.

Pink is a great retro color

Use them to gracefully outline the canopy above her bed or accent the mirror on her dressing table. Add some artwork to the walls -castles, dragons, toe shoes - and your theme will come together. Wrap your trees with pink mini lights to celebrate a birthday -especially a sweet 16. The unexpected color - usually one would expect clear - will be cause for some passionately pink conversation. Mixing in a few red mini lights would make a great surprise for a backyard hot night! Whether indoors or outdoors, pink mini lights are a great economical way to think outside of the lines when it comes to adding a little colour.

There are two kinds of dream houses that tug at our fantasies. The first is ambitious -- the ideal headquarters from which to conduct daily life, with a sprawling chef's kitchen, a superefficient laundry room, endless storage space, a home office, Wi-Fi portals, flat-screen televisions, and a state-of-the-art security system. The other is a house where none of that matters. It's a place of escape and imagination, a simple cottage you can run away to but still feel safe in. It is the grown-up version of your favorite backyard fort or playhouse in the trees.

Make it pink and add instant passion and poshness. Pink Flamingos come to life ! Versatile and dreamy, this overlooked hue is being rediscovered for walls, ceilings and furnishings.

Tips of the trade:

This season everything is coming up roses! Nice way to start your day. Enhance your ceiling with rose patterned wall paper. Not just for Girls: Baker-Miller Pink and is a hue sometimes found in prisons. The shade is alleged to lower anxiety, increase melatonin production and also to decrease appetite. If you can chill out, fall asleep faster and lose weight in a room, it's perfect. An alternative prison used pink jumpsuits for all inmates. They found that it decreased violent behavior, and seemed to tamp down the egotism and machismo of the prisoners- Positively Pink! Splashes of pink add softness and a bubblegum sense of fun and laisser faire attitude. Not a bad way to get out of bed each day! Step onto this to energize the bounce in your groove.

Soft and elegant, pink cherry blossoms

More than any other colour, however, pink has historically strong feminine associations that can make or break the colour for both men and women Pink also has a bad history -- think 1980s dusty rose. I am still correcting some dusty rose mistakes of the 80's! In effect, most people got away from pink altogether, but forgetting about pink is equally misguided. There are so many options for pink -- it can be soothing, warm and relaxing. Even men can relate to pink. Just don't overdo it -- it's a soft yet most powerful colour. Respect it. Used sparingly gives so much positive energy to any room!

When you decide to Think Pink, it's important to break pink up with different shades throughout the house and to use colours that will balance the pink such as cream, chocolate, black, grey or even purple. This also depends on the intensity of the colour. While today's pinks are fresher and softer than ever before, pink still needs to have a balance and be appropriate for the room they're in. Think Pink. I love Victoria Secret Pink Wear. Pink is perfectly , passionately and positively posh this season.You will always feel comfortable in Victoria Secret's Pink Fashions.

Seal it with a kiss this Season. Pink lipsticks are the color of the year and they are PINK HOT! The only shade of pink that is hard to take is a pink slip.

Be positive and think pink this season.