Articles-Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung and we are all ready for a little sun kissed sassy reno? Think outside the box!

There is 'ROOM' FOR THOUGHT- in forgotten spaces that can come alive and open all sorts of possibilities. Consider these fun new ideas that can liven up tired spaces with affordable solutions you will be tempted to try! Are you considering a new countertop, or a new paint, or tile for your house? Open your heart and mind to Off The Wall ideas. Orange is just not orange- it is tangerinely tempting, and carmen corals, ye…ow…za yellows, garnishing greens, and unbashfully berry brights, all offer uplifting options this season.

There is' ROOM' FOR THOUGHT…when it comes to forgotten spaces- Your garage floors……no muss – no fuss. Refinish your garage floor with an easy, clean- non skid finish you will have to simply power wash and go, opening up an often forgotten space- Start from the ground up, opening up incredible possibilities for this spacious opportunity! I suggest a 100% solid epoxy coating, and recommend choosing a light gray tone, as it will increase your lighting in the garage up to 25%.

In combination with some new simple lighting, all four corners of your garage will be bright. If you have pits, cracks and salt stains, these can all be repaired. Your garage floor facial is probably much needed and ignored. This facelift can range from $1500- $2500 depending on the level of repair based in your typical two car garage. This new floor finish will last 10- 15 years…. A good resale investment.

Is it 'COUNTER- FIT'……or the real thing?

Countertops that look like granite……..but they're not are making the scene and splashing onto your counters, back splashes, walls and new floor finishes! This is 'the' absolute alternative when seeking change, this Season, making a positive presence in cutting edge renovations. A little bit of plaster, and a little bit of paint, can make your kitchen, bathroom or fabulous foyer…what it ain't! Mixing either sand, quartz, specialty cements, and /or recycled glass, and bits of granite encapsulated in a liquid medium, mixed with a polymer, will give your kitchen, bathroom or bar area, the look and feel- of the real thing. This is an attractive Spring alternative!

Granite countertop or not?

The result looks every bit as good as solid stone- but it is not. It does not have the maintenance issues, and offers far more versatility in colour options and installation ease. One interesting aspect is the custom tailoring- allowing you to choose your exact colour- as close to, or as far away from, anything you may have seen in the market or a piece of granite that is no longer available, that you simply have to match! You can pour these counters right on site as well. This is a great time saving benefit- along with its money saving feature, the fact you can easily secure a perfect custom fit, 'countering' the other option of having a crew come in, having to measure, go back to their shop, returning often weeks later, having possible problems- with the fit, this new choice avoids these unnecessary foes of renovating. Consider the counter-fit option.

Spring has sprung, and you are ready to be sun drenched and revitalized, so what do you do to make your house shine? I always recommend starting from the inside out- much like how to feel good about yourself!

A good rule of thumb and considering I don't have a green thumb…I always start inside!

Your home is a reflection of yourself.

Making the 'new' look 'old' is oddly how to be refreshed easily this Season!

There is a juxtaposition that is fashionably fun in interior design. We have all been known to appreciate well worn jeans, wonderfully comfortable and cozy, so think along those lines, and envision antiquing your doors- or bringing your bright white trim, to and old Tuscany styled charm. It is a simple solutionto a tired room- again, room for thought!

Simply mix one part paint to one part glaze, and be sure to buy a good 'STRIE' brush- gently adding long strokes to your door and trim- wipe away excess. The faux wood grain comes to life, and it is the makeover that was waiting to happen! You could get a little more adventurous and buy a faux graining tool- used with the same paint/ glaze mixture and adding more detail once this affect is mastered. It is not hard. Using an extender within your paint glaze mixture allows for more open time and experimenting. So give it a try and what is the worst that can happen? You have to wash your door down and you have paint left over for your next project? Fear often stops the greatest of possibilities. True inspiration and creativity is beyond the fear factor…just outside your door!!!!! Like climbing into cozy sweats this easy affect will warm up a room and invite you in and welcome your stay...

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