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Hear the voice of colour!

February blue by you? Enjoy the calm. The cool blues are pacifying and help us wind down after a busy and hectic day. They slow the heartbeat and lower blood pressure. Blue is associated with the throat chakra and is the colour for communication, imagination and inner strength. Use in any room to promote feelings of calm, peace and tranquillity. It is often used in bedrooms and bathrooms. Most of us are caught in the icy spiraling downward slide of our ecomony, and perhaps our spirts are down having enjoyed too much holiday cheer?

Well you can surround yourself by choice colours, choose your tone wisely, and put colour therapy to work for you. Colour Therapy is a complementary therapy for which there is evidence dating back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India.

Indulge your colour senses and go with the flow!

Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths, thus each colour has its own particular wavelength andenergy. The energy relating to each of the seven spectrum colours of red, orange,yellow, green,blue, indigoand violet, resonates with the energy of each of the seven main chakras/energy centres of the body.

If you can imagine the chakras as a set of cogs/wheels, they are rather like the workings of a clock or an engine; each cog/wheel needs to move smoothly for the clock/engine to work properly. Our goal should be to achieve a balance of all these energies. Balance of the energy in each of the body's chakras is very important for health and wellbeing. Colour therapycan help to re-balance and/or stimulate these energies by applying the appropriate colour to the body (or your surroundings), and therefore re-balance our chakras.

Balance of the energy in each of the body's chakras is very important for health and wellbeing.

RED relates to the base chakra, ORANGE the sacral chakra, YELLOW the solar plexus chakra, GREEN, the heart chakra, BLUE the throat chakra, INDIGO the brow chakra (sometimes referred to as the third eye) and VIOLET relates to the crown chakra.

Colour is absorbed by the eyes, skin, skull our 'magnetic energy field' or aura and the energy of colour affects us on all levels, that is to say, physical, spiritual and emotional. There are many different ways of giving colour, including;Solarized Water, Light boxes/lamps with colour filters, colour silks and hands on healing using colour. Colour therapy can be shown to help on a physical level, which is perhaps easier to quantify, however there are deeper issues around the colours on the psychological and spiritual levels.

As babies we first experience colour in the womb where we are enveloped in a nurturing and comforting pink.Then as a child we associate with primary colours as part of our first learning processes. These first associations contribute to our consciousness. They set up the basics of all further relationships on many levels: primary, secondary, intermediate, and complimentary. "Hue" can do much by shading each situation life presents, and tinted in your direction can be helpful! Colours can be resourceful. Use them to their full potential.

As we get older we attach many different feelings, memories and meanings to certain colours and this can then become a feature in our subconscious. We can build up prejudices to colours which have happy, sad, or frightening connotations for us. Noting strong colour preferences can also be a helpful aid to finding possible problems and working with the appropriate colour/colours to help to dispel negative feelings, free blocks and re-balance the body emotionally, spiritually and, in turn, physically.

Can't stand the cold, and need a Caribbean colourful weekend away?

Colours read like the diversity of the Caribbean people. Nobody seems to be frightened by colour in the Caribbean. It's in their hair, 'Golden Delicious' green, 'Scotch Bonnet' red and 'Mamme Apple' yellow threads plaited into women's tresses patriotic to the bone, displaying their pride in the National flag. Houses in the Caribbean are painted bold resilient colours. The use of strong colour on their exterior walls lasts longer because the sun bleaches out pastel shades. Paints also provide longer lasting protection against the intensity of Caribbean weather.

Colours read like the diversity of the Caribbean people

All colours can attract or repel depending on our mood and how we perceive or receive them in their tonal quality. So red can either be warm or aggressive,orange can be harsh or cheerful, yellow can be acidic or joyful, green can be relaxing or sickly, blue can be cold or cleansing, indigo blue can be smart or dull and violet can be depressing or relaxing. All the warm colours from the red vibration on the base of the spine to the orange chakra are counter-balanced by the cool colours of blue to violet. The red chakra is counter-balanced by the indigo blue and the yellow by violet. The green chakra of the heart is a harmonizer in itself. Colours are intimately connected with our feelings and emotions and their healing qualities have a profound effect on our moods and well-being.

These principles can be applied to the decoration of your home, to improve the energy around you, lift your spirits and create a light, bright and happy living space. Take the power of colour under control and enlighten your colour sensibility! Green is the colour of balance and harmony. It is the colour of the heart chakra and is associated with healing and all matters of the heart. It is the colour of kindness, compassion, caring and sharing. With its balancing properties every room benefits from splashes of the colour green, commonly introduced into homes with household plants. Effectively and creatively incorporated into this home lighting accent!

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